How To Make Your Own Apple Cider Vinegar

As we move towards autumn I notice the smell in the air, the light cast by the sun, and colour of leaves take on a distinct change. I can’t believe the Autumn Equinox is just a week away— a sure sign of deepening into the the fall, which will certainly draw me more internal. Since…

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cleopatra’s face cream

Cleopatra's Rose Cream, face cream recipe, herbal medicine, rose

I’ve never considered myself skilled at making face creams until I experimented with eliminating shea butter and cocoa butter from my recipe– two staple ingredients listed in every face cream recipe I’ve ever come across. It took me a while to realize the reason my creams came out so grainy in texture and seemed to separate quickly…

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More on the Bounty of Nettle

I woke early this morning¬†to set out and harvest nettle root from my small but healthy patch of nettles (urtica dioica) The peak time to harvest roots is early spring while the vitality still resides in the root pushing upwards for new growth, or autumn while the vital energies are drawing downwards to the earth…

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