Medicine of Rose: Honey, Vinegar & Heavenly Elixir

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With their sweet fragrance and complex flavour, roses teach us about love and boundaries. You may admire the beauty of the bloom, but then, approach carefully and thoughtfully—or else. There are over 2,800 plants in the rose family Rosaceae. Some of the most  recognizable members are peaches, plums, almonds, apricots, cherries, strawberries, quince, hawthorn, rowan,…

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cleopatra’s face cream

Cleopatra's Rose Cream, face cream recipe, herbal medicine, rose

I’ve never considered myself skilled at making face creams until I experimented with eliminating shea butter and cocoa butter from my recipe– two staple ingredients listed in every face cream recipe I’ve ever come across. It took me a while to realize the reason my creams came out so grainy in texture and seemed to separate quickly…

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